About us

Fantastic Voyage is a travel and tourism agency. Founded in 2000, Its services include Air ticket sales & travel reservations waiting for peace to retun to the country before engaging in tourism which has always been its main preocupation.

Burundi being a country that has recovered from several years of civil war, our vision is to show the world the beauty of a country which had been considered a risky destination for many years.

Burundi is compared to Switzeland because of its lakes , hills and mountains. Burundians are very freindly people and you will feel at home when you travel to Burundi. This website will hepl you to enjoy your stay in Burundi by providing you with necessary informations that will guide you through out your travel and stay in Burundi and this includes hotels, reservations and transport. You will have opportunities to visite neigbours countries through our parteners East African.